Penske Over U-Haul?


Which Truck is The Better Service?

If you are moving, you are likely to rent a moving van to haul your furniture and TV. When you think about transporting many items at once, U-Haul comes to mind. They have one of the highest market shares in the moving vehicle industry, but one company is not too far from them.

Penske is a great alternative, particularly for long distance moving. They offer 7-day rentals, which gives you extra time to pack, drive, and unload, whereas U-Haul only gives 5 days. You don’t have to worry about being charged per mileage because they offer unlimited miles. Penske also replaces half of their fleet every year so you’re likely to drive a well-kept vehicle.

Next time you move, consider your options. Whichever you choose, each truck should be equipped with a Yellowrack load bar. Visit Yellow Rack to get yours!

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How to Keep a Work Van Organized


Work Van Organization

Nothing will bring a job’s productivity to a screeching halt quite like a disorganized van. How can you complete a job on time when you cannot find the tools and parts you need? That is why van organization is key.

Keeping your work van clean is easy to do. Start by cleaning your van out once a week. Friday is the ideal day since that means your van will be sparkling clean on Monday.

Then take stock of items you need to replenish or take out of your van. A part of staying organized means you should have all of the necessary items for a job. Do not keep items that you do not need, it will just lead to clutter.

All of your tools and parts should have a designated area or container. At Yellow Rack, we provide a tracking mount that keeps items like shovels, poles, and other items secured to the inside wall of your van. To order our product please visit our site here.

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Back Pain Prevention


The Causes of Back Pain

As we grow older, various aches and pains begin to form and the most common is back pain. Causes range from lack of stretching before exercise to not paying attention to how you move. On job sites, it is improper lifting that hurts backs the most.

When you lift, you want to be sure to bend with your knees and keep your back straight. Never bend at the waist. Keep the item close to you and never lift higher than your arm pit or carry items lower than your knees. Do not twist in anyway while lifting either.

Safety Rack Load Bars

Prevent unnecessary lifting on your job site by installing our load bars. Use it to hold your tools and bars to ensure that your employees no longer need to bend. For more information, please look to Yellow Rack.

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Small but Mighty


When you are in need of reassurance that your equipment will be protected while your cargo is being handled, Yellow Rack will give you that confidence you’re looking for.

The yellow rack is strong, durable, and reliable, made out of a nylon material that gives it flexibility in case it is bumped or hit with a large amount of weight. The back of the rack is also reinforced with steel to further its strength and support of your equipment.

Yellow rack is tested and exposed to extreme heat and cold temperatures to insure that it will operate at the same capacity in either situation. This will assist fork lift operators in case of an accident, to avoid loose equipment violations, and make operations a breeze.

To make sure your equipment will be safely secure order your Yellow Rack today at


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Increase Truck Storage


Yellow Rack is a yellow nylon bar reinforced with steel for added strength used to store load bars and straps.

The Yellow Rack can store up to 6 square-type decking beams, shoring beams, load locks, and more. You can also combine the amount of pressure bars and straps together, and some chemical transporters store shovels, brooms, rolls of tape, and pallet jacks.

The Yellow Rack can be used for a plethora of reasons. Made with outer compartments that are larger to hold wider load bars.

Whatever your storage needs are Yellow Rack will uphold them. Order your Yellow Rack today by calling 281.993.9329.

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Warehouse Etiquette: 3 Principles in Safety


Warehouses are known for being a busy hive of workers and potentially dangerous machinery, all sharing the same space. While you may not associate the words ‘warehouse’ and ‘etiquette’ into every day conversation, the concept is one which can have life or death consequences.

The primary reason for understanding and practicing warehouse etiquette is for the safety of everyone in the vicinity. In order to keep the environment safe, workers need to have constant attention and consideration of what is going on around them at all times. Areas need to be kept clean to avoid unnecessary disasters. The more efficient individual areas are, as well as the overall warehouse, can make or break a good record of no accidents or safety violations.

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Packing for the Road: All Items Every Truck Driver Should Have


Packing for the Road

Truck drivers spend long stretches of time out on the road. Just because one is sitting in the cab for hours at a time does not mean they do not need the right equipment to keep their drive pleasant.
Every driver should have food and water in their truck. Energy bars and individual bottles of water to eat and drink when restaurants and stores are not available.
Create your own first aid kit filled with all the standard items along with pain relievers such as ibuprofen. Make sure you stay comfortable with an extra set of clothes to stay warm or cool.

All trucks should have a Yellow Rack installed to ensure all of their tools are easily found when they need them. Shop for yours here.

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