Industrial Equipment for Your House?

semi-organized garage

It can be stressful trying to keep your house clean and organized. It seems like companies left and right are throwing what they call “THE” solution at you, but their products usually just end up being part of the problem.

Industrial Solutions

Our Yellow Rack is the perfect solution for home organization. Designed as a load bar, strap, and equipment storage rack, simply install it into a closet or area of your choice and use it to hold tools, cleaners, mops, brooms, and more.

Browse our inventory to find the size that fits your needs. Interested in a warranty? Get in touch with us to learn more.

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How a Yellow Rack Can Benefit You


Yellow Rack is extremely durable. It was made to stay strong under a high amount of stress, withstand exposure to both extreme heat and cold, and survive repeated impacts. So, how can this long-lasting product help you? Installing one in your truck can help you:

  • Keep your equipment organized
  • Secure your cargo
  • Reduce chances of damaged cargo
  • Avoid tickets and fines by meeting regulations
  • Increase your storage space

Interested in learning more about Yellow Rack and how it works? You can find more information by visiting our Products page or our FAQ page.

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Properly secure your pick up truck’s cargo




Improperly securing your vehicle’s cargo is an accident waiting to happen.  It may even cost you a ticket or fine with law enforcement.  You can be held liable for any environmental clean-up, restoration, or accidents you cause.

Secure your cargo with a set of heavy duty ratchet straps.  Avoid bungees as ropes, as they may fail in the event of bumps or accidents.

Purchase a permanent tool box for storage.  You may also consider installing features such as bed rails, liners, and side rails if you frequently use your pick up for hauling cargo.

Lastly, keep items safe and secure with a yellow rack storage bar.   A storage bar keeps equipment organized and safe by eliminating tool and equipment loss and damage.

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Prevent Injuries in the Workplace and Beyond


Back injuries are one of the most common, and preventable, types of injuries.  Improper lifting and reaching, as well as improperly stored equipment are the typical culprits.

Before you lifting an object, you need to test every load.  Push the object lightly with your hands or feed to see how easily it moves and to gauge how heavy it is.  Ensure the object is packed correctly and the weight is evenly distributed.  Always lift with your legs.

Never reach over your head for an object.  Use a ladder or step stool and get as close to the load as possible.  Slide the load toward you and use your arms and legs (not your back) to do the work.

Make sure items are stored properly to avoid falling on you.  Use a load bar, strap, or equipment storage rack such as Yellow Rack to hold items in place.

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Organize Storage with Ease


Clean up with Yellow Rack

There are a lot of tools and gadgets we have that can help make our lives easier, but keeping them organized can be a challenge. Leaving a rake on the ground could result in a “Three Stooges” moment, or a misplaced tool could end up lost forever.

Yellow Rack is the all-purpose solution! Load bar, strap, and equipment storage rack, Yellow Rack is the perfect tool to help you get your garage organized. Store ladders, power tools, yard tools, cords, and more with ease.

Get organized. Visit for more information and to place your order today.

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Made to Withstand Extreme Stress

Tested for Durability and Strength

Working in the trucking industry, it is necessary to have reliable and strong equipment that will last. The yellow rack not only withstands an extreme amount of stress it also meets organization and storage needs.

The yellow rack is made of a rubberized nylon for strength and durability. During tests, it has been scraped and raked by a cargo cage, rammed by a 3,000-pound tote carried on a fork life, exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold conditions, received repeated impacts, and more! You can be confident that the yellow rack will endure any condition for years to come.

For more information visit Yellow Rack.


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Penske Over U-Haul?


Which Truck is The Better Service?

If you are moving, you are likely to rent a moving van to haul your furniture and TV. When you think about transporting many items at once, U-Haul comes to mind. They have one of the highest market shares in the moving vehicle industry, but one company is not too far from them.

Penske is a great alternative, particularly for long distance moving. They offer 7-day rentals, which gives you extra time to pack, drive, and unload, whereas U-Haul only gives 5 days. You don’t have to worry about being charged per mileage because they offer unlimited miles. Penske also replaces half of their fleet every year so you’re likely to drive a well-kept vehicle.

Next time you move, consider your options. Whichever you choose, each truck should be equipped with a Yellowrack load bar. Visit Yellow Rack to get yours!

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